My First Blog Post: Brief introduction about myself!

“Let me tell you the secret that has led to my goal. My strength lies solely on my tenacity” –Louis Pasteur

Hi, I’m Teni from Nigeria.

I am a 24 year old female, i graduated from the the University of Liverpool in 2014 where i studied Law at my undergrad level, and i am currently studying Msc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (IME) at Kingston University, London.

I am a feminist♀, legal practitioner back in Nigeria, and currently in the process of transitioning to events production.

I don’t really know what it means to be a blogger as this will be my very first attempt at blogging. I will however try my possible best to share with you, all my experiences as a young female international student from Nigeria, who studied law in her undergrad, is currently studying IME, and hopes to be an events producer in the near future.

I hope to meet new exciting people in this new chapter i am embarking on, and finally i hope anyone who comes across my blog enjoys all the gory details of my life😊


Here is just hoping everyone’s next couple of weeks is amazing, my birthday is soon, i am super excited! Hoping everyone is just as happy as i currently am, hopefully not as stressed out though!

I can’t wait to update the blog about all the things i wrote about in my last two posts, i also promise to try to update more regularly, as opposed to just binge posting.

Have a great January everyone, because it’s #capricornseason 🙂



This will be a super short post, because like i said, i am stressed out. I have a comic to produce before the end of next week, a course work due on the 13th of january, and guess what? my birthday is the 13th of January! I know, just my luck right? I mean are God and the Universe really working with me right now? Anyway i am trying my best to finish my coursework before the end of next week, have LILELI ready, and just be further prepared for the competition, all before the 11th of January because absolutely nothing will ruin my birthday weekend!

Wish me luck guys, i have a ton of work to do and i am trying not to get anxious about it all. I mean i am excited about the work because i am genuinely enjoying it all, but it is still a lot of work.

I will definitely have a post up when i’m less busy soon hopefully, updating the blog on if i successfully completed all my work on time, had an amazing birthday, how good and full of content LILELI is, and of course how the bright ideas competition went.

Hope you enjoyed this very brief read!



So in my last post i spoke about my group members, now i will talk more on the said group, what we have been up to, and some of our future plans. Unfortunately a lot has happened, but i promise to make this post as detailed and brief as possible.

Again back in October ,(i so sorry i keep taking you guys back to last year) i joined a group in my Design Thinking class, a group of 3. This group, my group currently own a startup, is the word own correct? should it be have a startup? i have been struggling for some time now to figure out the correct terminology. Anyway, there is a startup! So my group is called Paradise, and the task given to my group/company, as well as the others in my class is to produce a product or service that solves a problem and is realistic. In about two weeks, we will be standing in front of judges at the Bright Ideas competition, talking about our product. My group’s product that we are currently working on, and have been working on since October is a comic called LILELI, coined from, LIVE LET LIVE. I will let you figure out how we got the name from the phrase. The comic aims to raise awareness on sexual and general assault in general in young adults aged 18-35 in London, funn right?

So far so good, we have presented our idea in front of trial judges to prepare us for the competition on the 18th of January, the image attached above. Its just two of us in the picture, because the third member was unfortunately ill on the day of the presentation.

Working with them has been interesting, and admittedly challenging. We all have different schedules, different ideas on how we want the comic to be, on what content we want in it, how to interview/talk to people to ensure that it is perfect, or at least close to it.

We should hopefully have our first prototype before the end of next week, fingers crossed we do well at the competition, and we are able to produce something that is actually substantial and beneficial to our target audience.

As soon as we have the first copy, i will be sure to make a post about it! Hope you enjoyed this read!

My first visit to London’s Design Museum


Back in October i visited the Design Museum in London with my group members (who i will be talking about in my next post) to see how design has/is been applied to problem solving. We tasked to pick out three designs from the museum that stood out to us, to discuss in class.

I should start by saying everyone should definitely visit the design museum at some point, going there, i had no idea what to expect, as i had never heard of it nor read about. The museum is about 3/4 floors and filled with amazing designs from fashion to technology, the museum has it all. it also tells us the story of how these designs were curated, the idea behind them, and what problem they intended to solve.

My group members and i started by having a general tour of the museum, and just taking in all its beauty and designs in it, and we are three in my group, so it worked out perfectly to each pick out a design to discuss in the class. I will attach some pictures of the designs that particularly stood out to me, and other designs i noticed.

The last two images are some of the designs that stood out to me, i will like to group them into what i call creative play, or educational toys.

Some of the first set of educational toys were respectively designed by; Friedrich Froebel in 1837 called Froebel gifts and Lectron electronics construction system invented by George Greger 1960s and designed by Dieter Rams, 1967.

Why did these designs stand out to me? These designs were created for the purpose of making play the main method of teaching. They were designed tackle the following problems:

  1. Encourages the need for education in a non-formal setting, which in turn makes learning much more approachable for young children, special needs children, and slow learners, and people in general
  2. They create an intuitive way for children to learn
  3. They inspire young people, and help develop major skills for general living
  4. Encourage creativity in learning, which ultimately broadens the minds of its users

Why are creative toys relevant?

  1. The use of creative/ educational toys as a mode of learning can help children develop problem solving skills. e.g sensory play with the use of toys such as; stackers or blocks, push cars, counting toys, sewing kits etc
  2. Educational toys help nurture creativity and imagination
  3. Educational toys help with language development.

Since the introduction of creative play and the first set of educational toys, in many ways there has been a lot of inventions created to help facilitate learning in a much more creative and fun way. Designing the first set of educational toys in the 1960s, i hope the designers and investors realise just how much they are helping a lot of people right now. I personally have a short attention spam, and learn faster when what i am being taught is not taught in a very serious manner, and i feel like it is like this for a lot of people.

These designs stood out to me because the idea behind them was to make learning much more fun and less formal, it is more than the physical toys itself, it’s the idea that people don’t need to be in a classroom reading books everyday of their life in order to learn something, it is knowing that a someone with learning difficulties can still learn a great deal without having to feel bad about their circumstance, knowing that an elderly person who might want to learn something new but might be a bit slow because of their age can still do so in many other ways.

I’m happy that i got to go to the design museum and i got to see all these beautiful creations and designs that we use for our everyday living, creations that i had never for once thought about how they came about. My visit to the museum also reminded me to pay attention to the small things around me, be more observant, understand why and how things exist, and most importantly, what problem they are solving.

I hope you enjoyed and understood this read


Things i learned in October : Empathy, communication & understanding Innovation better


The images might be a bit confusing, but i will explain. I know the big question is what does she mean she just learned about empathy, communication and just being considerate of people in general, aren’t these things she should already know? That my friends is what i thought as well, until a short visit to the toilet and making a shoe taught me otherwise.

Design- Thinking one of my modules is where this magic happened. I should start by saying all three things; empathy, communication and being innovative work hand in hand, at least thats what i think. (i hope i’m not wrong) I think to be really innovative, we need to be considerate of people, empathise with their situations, fully understand their needs, that way creating something innovative and magical probably wont be as hard as we might imagine.

Starting with when i learned about empathy. We had a class on this very special day, i call it special because i did not expect to go back home with the lessons i learned from class that day. Anyway we were given a task to focus on extreme users. Our job was to design a toilet for an extreme user, for us to do this however, we had to immerse ourselves in an extreme user’s world. We were grouped into teams of three, one person had to be a robot, the other a mute and the third person had to be visually impaired, for the visually impaired person, they were blindfolded with a scarf. Our task was to work together as a team to get the visually impaired person to use the toilet and make it back to class. I was the visually impaired one in my group. I had initially thought ” there is no way this would be difficult, i mean i had been to the toilet a couple of times, i could get there with my eyes closed” Ladies and gentlemen, i have never been more wrong in my life!

The first thing my group had to figure out was how we would communicate effectively in order to get to the toilet without any accidents. One thing that was really important to us was communicating with one another without making each other feel horrible about our different circumstances. This is where being empathic comes in. Being the visually impaired person in my group, i had to take instructions from the robot, who in turn took hand directions from the mute person.

We were later told to map out our experience on the first diagram attached to this post, in doing this, i learned just how important communication is, as we all had to communicate with one another and trust each other’s direction. In building a toilet for the extreme user, it made me realise just how i take for granted, and just how the smallest thing can change the life of the next person. I learned about empathising with people around me, and realised that going into entrepreneurship is more than just owning a business, it is creating something substantial and beneficial to all types and categories of people.

Moving on to the other image in this post, the “shoe”. This funny enough is the first task i ever did at my university. Not only did i start the semester three week late, i was an hour and a half late to my very first class. Rushing into class that wonderful afternoon, my colleagues were on their way out to interview students on campus about their favourite shoe, and why that was their favourite shoe. Super confused, i joined a random group and interviewed students as well, it was amazing to hear how particular people are about footwear. People buy shoes for comfort, fashion, versatility etc. When we returned back to class, we were asked to create a shoe based on the interviews we had conducted, my group created that shoe because one person we interviewed that stood out to us was really particular about his shoes being versatile. Now although we were able to create this shoe, we realised that yes we did go out to talk to people, we did more of interviewing them with black and white questions, as opposed to actually communicating with them to really understand what they really liked.

What did this tasks teach me? Communication! Communication! Communication! Really listening to your audience as an innovator is really important, communicating, immersing yourself in their life, and just willing to create something for your target audience irrespective of if it is something that is a personal preference or not. Your target audience is what matters the most.

I hope you enjoyed this read!

This week i will be binge posting!

Hi guys. Yaay it’s #2020, happy new year!

So as the title of this post states, i will be binge posting this week. Before i go in on my posts, i will like to apologise for being quiet since my first introductory post. Life has really been a rollercoaster since my first post, getting used to my move back to England, adjusting with school life since undergrad in 2014, and just living a new life in general.

I will be dropping a few posts this week, just filling you in on my school work so far, and living in London as a whole. Stay tuned, and enjoy!